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Selling Alcohol Online for Delivery

What licences do I need to sell alcohol online?

Lately we have seen a strong increase in the number of existing and new clients wanting to sell alcohol online. The business models generally fall into four distinct groups

  • for delivery as part of a traditional food takeaway to people at home
  • for delivery to people at home late at night after the shops have closed.
  • selling through Amazon sites for delivery by either the seller or Amazon (see our how to sell on Amazon page)
  • selling specialist alcohol direct from a website for delivery by courier of by the licence holder or employees.

To sell alcohol online you will require a Premises Licence that permits the sale for consumption off the premises, even if Amazon are selling and fulfilling the sale.

The Premises Licence will require a personal licence holder to be the Designated Premises Supervisor (DPS). This will be the person who will be legally responsible for each and every sale made under the licence.

It is worth mentioning that the premises licence applies to where the alcohol is distributed from and not where the telephone or internet transaction takes place.

When applying to the local licensing authority for a new licence, or varying an existing licence to allow consumption off the premises, the most important conditions you need to address will be contained within the “protection of children from harm” part of the application.

It is important to identify how you intend to ensure that the alcohol you are delivering does not fall into the hands of anyone who is under the age of 18.

The onus is on the applicant to prove to the various relevant authorities such as the police, trading standards and the licensing authority itself, that they have addressed any potential issues regarding the potential sale of alcohol to minors.

This can be done by offering conditions within your application which show that you have risk assessed your planned business and have identified potential issues. It is always best to be proactive when making an application.

At Innpacked we are experienced in applying for Premises Licences for online sales and have a track record of 100% success.

We can take care of the Premises Licence application,  your personal licence training and application for your DPS if they don’t already have one.

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