Health & Safety Pack for Small Businesses

Our Health & Safety Pack for Small Businesses will help you to ensure that your staff and customers are safe while visiting your premises. Everything we do is bespoke to your business and our team are here to help.

Read more about our pack below or speak to one of our team today to ensure your premises paperwork is up to date and your staff are trained to make the best decisions while representing your business.

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Health & Safety Pack for Small Businesses


Ensuring staff members are effectively trained in health and safety and having policies and procedures in place is extremely important for employers. Having the correct systems in place to ensure a healthy and safe working environment for employees and any other people who may be affected by their business activities is essential. Health and safety is a minefield for small businesses, so why not use our Health & Safety pack for small businesses to help you? Whether your business is new or established, you need to ensure you comply with regulations and guidelines and build a strong health and safety culture.

We can tailor a health and safety pack for your small business to get you started or bring you up to date.

This handy package is bespoke to every part of your company, staff and the way you work, so why not give our team a call?

It includes everything you need, such as:

  • Health and safety policy. We tailor your health and safety policy to your business. When you work with Innpacked, there is no such thing as off the shelf.
  • Health and safety risk assessments. There is a risk assessment for everything these days, but don’t worry, Innpacked are here to help you! We will guide you to the assessments you need and ensure they address all aspects of your business.
  • Health and safety qualifications. We are a one stop shop for qualifications you can do at home. You can study the entire Level 3 & 4 courses from the comfort of your living room, including your exams.
  • Health and safety signage.

Our specialist team can help to support you to check that you are not only keeping your staff and customers safe, but that you are also compliant with the law. Instead of this taking up the time you need to run your business, let Innpacked do the heavy lifting for you. We can also provide long lasting support to our customers to give you peace of mind with a retainer option and site visits also available.

Call us now on 08000 768 056 or contact us today.

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