Licensing Hearing Representation

When you apply for a premises licence through Innpacked, we anticipate concerns residents or responsible authorities might have. We then do all we can to find solutions in the early stages. This may mean we negotiate on your behalf to avoid the need for a licensing hearing.

If negotiations are unsuccessful or objections persist, the outcome of your application will need to be determined by your local authority’s Licensing Committee. We will work with you to gather information and evidence to support your application before representing you at the hearing.

By collaborating with our experienced licensing team, your application has the greatest chance of success.

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Do you need licensing hearing representation? Then you are in the right place, Innpacked have specialised consultants that can provide you with a whole range of help. Even if we didn’t write your application or if you need ad hoc consultancy, give us a call!

A premises licence application can go to a hearing if there are relevant representations that are still held and not withdrawn after the 28-day consultation period of the application. However, this is not the only time a premises licence holder can face a committee. If you apply to vary your premises licence it can go to a hearing for similar reasons or, as a licence holder you can be taken to a licensing review hearing.

When can an objection to a licensing application be raised?

Local residents, businesses and responsible authorities (police, fire service, environmental health etc.) can only raise an objection to a licensing application within 28 days of the council receiving the application.
Any objections (representations) raised after 28 days are unlikely to be considered.

When will you receive a date for the hearing?

You will usually receive notification of the hearing two weeks before the hearing date. You need to respond promptly to say whether you will be attending, with an explanation.
If you have responded to say you will attend the hearing, the council’s case officer (the person who oversees the licensing process) will send you a copy of a report with details of your case. We can work with you to ensure all specific instructions and procedures are followed.

What happens at a licensing hearing?

It is important to know that councils can work slightly differently, and hearings may take place online or in person.
This is a general outline of the process:

  • The case officer introduces the case and the attendees to the committee.
  • The applicant’s representative has the opportunity to speak first. They present the license application and give details about the proposed operation and any additional conditions that have been agreed with relevant parties.
  • Representatives from responsible bodies, such as the police, have the opportunity to speak. They raise any objections they have and present any conditions they believe should be imposed before the licence is granted.
  • Local residents have the chance to present their concerns, providing any additional information they think is necessary.
  • During the hearing each party presents their case, provides supporting evidence, and addresses any questions raised by the committee.

When will you know the outcome?

Licensing committees usually reach and announce their decision on the day of a hearing. All parties then receive written confirmation of the decision.

Can you appeal a Licensing Committee’s decision?

If you disagree with a Licensing Committee’s decision, you have the right to appeal to the Magistrates’ Court. Innpacked can provide you with the contacts to present your appeal before the court, highlighting the grounds on which you believe the decision was unfair with supporting evidence.

Do you need representation at a licensing hearing?

Licensing legislation can be complex, and hearings can be intimidating, but with an experienced professional by your side you can navigate proceedings with confidence.
Our experts know the stakes are high when you need to secure a premises licence. We will support you throughout the hearing process, answer all your questions, and work hard to prepare and present the strongest possible case.

For licensing hearing representations that take place online our fee is £650 + VAT.

In person hearings cost £1,150 + VAT

To discuss your licensing hearing, please contact us today on 0800 078 6056 or

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