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Kolbeh’s owner first contacted Innpacked to attend one of our public courses in Worthing, before going on to apply for his personal licence. Our client then entrusted his premises licence application to us and now runs a beautiful restaurant with a fully stocked bar in Worthing, West Sussex.

Services Provided

I chose Innpacked when I spoke with them, I called and had a good conversation with Steve, and everyone at Innpacked was very helpful. I felt comfortable and like I was in good hands, I knew that they were able to do the job I needed to be done, I found the team very likeable overall.

When I did my APLH training with Innpacked I attended a public course before lockdown and found the trainer to be really good and helpful with a thorough knowledge of the subject. Idid not know I needed a premises licence as I thought that the premises had one then it later transpired the premises licence had expired.

It made the process harder for myself than it needed to be, but Innpacked couldn’t have done more for me and everything was great. I thought the process would be much more difficult–I thought I would have had to be more involved, but Innpacked just did it all! If I had tried to do the premises licence myself there would have been issues that would have made it so much more difficult but Innpacked took care of it all.


Recommended? 100%

I have used Innpacked, and they are absolutely great, get in touch and they will make your life really easy, Ian is firm, fair and he knows his stuff, Steve is such a nice guy and everyone at Innpacked does a great job and are very likeable people.

Kolbeh, Worthing

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