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Baby Bottles Wholesale Ltd,

Baby Bottles Wholesale Ltd, got in touch with our licensing team for a premises licence application to enable them to sell online. Innpacked’s consultants have worked with many online retailers over the years ranging from artisan gin sellers from their home to warehouse fulfilment centres all across the country. Get in touch today to find out more…

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    “I found Innpacked to be Perfect!

    I did a lot of research and spoke to Steve, and it was basically everything I needed so I didn’t feel that I needed to look any further. I needed a personal and premises licence but obviously it’s one of those things where when you need one you don’t know anything about it or how to go about doing it.

    So Steve understood that I was pretty clueless with it all and himself and Ian were very, very good and it was a breeze for me really. I was very well informed. Ian was perfect to work with and it was a breeze for me! I didn’t really have to do anything, he told me what to do and I just did it and that was it.

    It was better than I expected it to be, I expected to have to liaise through parts of the process, but I didn’t have to the team at Innpacked just took care of everything with authorities etc.

    If you needed a premises licence I would recommend Innpacked 100% it is a pleasure to work with the team and they make it as easy as possible. With the council and the exams and paperwork it does get complicated it is just so much easier to use Innpacked, it is very much worth the money and I would not have attempted it myself.

    Baby Bottles Wholesale Ltd, Coventry

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