Royal College of Surgeons, Nicolson Street, Edinburgh, Edinburgh, EH8 9DW

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The team here at Innpacked is proud to offer a BIIAB Level 2 SCPLH Personal Licence course at Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh.

Passing every element for your Personal Licence could hardly be easier, and that is down to our experienced instructors who will support you from beginning to end.


About SCPLH & Personal Licences

The Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005 requires all personal licence holders to undertake refresher training within 5 years of the issue of their licence.

All personal licence holders must attend a 1/2 day Refresher course, sit and pass an exam before the 5 year anniversary of the issue of the licence.

They must also submit evidence that the training has been passed to the relevant licensing board within 3 months of the 5 year anniversary.


How We Can Help

Selecting us for your BIIAB Level 2 SCPLH Personal Licence course at Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh means you’re choosing to learn with a leading licensed trade training organisation.

Our pass rate for this qualification exceeds 99%… Not only that, you can also be sure of a very streamlined and professional experience.