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Premises Licence Transfers

Premises Licence Transfers

If you buy a business that is licensed to sell alcohol you will need to apply to transfer the premises licence into your name or the name of your company and you may also need to change the Designated Premises Supervisor (DPS).

A transfer application must be made immediately if the premises licence holder changes.

There are two forms to complete for transfers:

  1. Application to transfer premises licence to be granted under the Licensing Act 2003 – Innpacked will complete this for you once we have received a copy of your premises licence.
  2. Consent of the outgoing premise licence holder to transfer – Innpacked will provide this for you to pass onto the current premises licence holder to sign.

The transfer can have immediate effect from when the council receive the application from Innpacked.

In some circumstances, it won’t be possible to obtain the consent of the existing licence holder, for example where that person has left the country, in this circumstance Innpacked can deal with this situation for you ensuring all the correct information is submitted to the council.

A “maintenance fee” is payable each year, on the anniversary of the grant of the original licence. When a licence is transferred, the new licence holder will become responsible for these payments. If you are taking over a premises licence, we can enquire whether or not there are any outstanding fees as part of our process.

As part of our application service, we will ensure that all the relevant authorities receive the required documentation for the licence transfer to be approved and transferred over to you.

Once the application has been approved we will then send you the amended premises licence with the newly named licence holder.

It couldn’t be easier to book a Premises Licence Transfer with Innpacked.

Licence Transfers – £175 + VAT (including disbursements)


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