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APLH e-learning course and APLH online exam only £125 plus vat

We now offer the complete APLH personal licence course and exam online, which means you can complete the whole qualification from the comfort of your home.

Once you have completed the e-learning course all you have to do is let us know and we will book a time slot that is convenient for you for your APLH online exam.





Have you heard? It’s simple and straightforward to coplete your BIIAB Level 2 APLH Personal Licence course through us by joining one of our training programmes in Exeter, Devon.

Successfully completing every element of your Personal Licence really couldn’t be simpler. This is largely down to our skilled team of trainers who have chosen your success as their professional cause.


All about APLH & Personal Licences

The law states that passing the APLH qualification is absolutely vital if you want to apply for the full Personal Licence to supervise alcohol sales in licensed premises.

The law also states that not every person hired to serve alcohol at a particular premises must have a Personal Licence – just one person. As a result, holding the authority to supervise alcohol sales can enable you to rise through the ranks of your employer organisation.

Following your successful completion of the BIIAB Level 2 APLH Personal Licence course at Exeter, you then have to agree to a full Criminal Record check. After that you can finally apply for your full Personal Licence.

Importantly, your Personal Licence belongs to you, not your employer. This means you may take it with you if you decide to change jobs. Your newfound licensing credentials may also help you get job interviews for more highly-paid positions.


How Innpacked Can Help

Selecting us for your BIIAB Level 2 APLH Personal Licence course in Exeter, Devon, means you’re choosing to learn with a leading licensed trade training organisation.

Our pass rate for this qualification exceeds 99%… Not only that, you can also be sure of a very streamlined and professional experience.

One more advantage of choosing to train with us is that our licensing team can also administrate your Criminal Record check and Personal Licence application at the highly-competitive rate of £68. Please note there will be some disbursements as well.

To complete your APLH Personal Licence course and application with us, simply book your training at The Stables Pub & Dining, Exeter, Devon, and add ‘Personal Licence Application’ when you reach the checkout page.