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Personal Licence courses for the APLH qualification at Trafford Samuel Platt.

The team here at Innpacked is proud to offer a BIIAB Level 2 APLH Personal Licence course at Trafford Samuel Platt.

Passing all the elements for your Personal Licence could hardly be easier. It’s all down to our experienced instructors who will support you from beginning to end.


About APLH & Personal Licences

It’s important to note that before you can submit your application for your Personal Licence, you must first have passed the APLH qualification.

Indeed, the APLH Personal Licence course gives you all the necessary knowledge you need to become fully licensed in the sale of alcohol.

Please note that although not every staff member working in a licensed bar or restaurant will need a Personal Licence, at least one person must have it against their name.

Upon passing your BIIAB Level 2 APLH Personal Licence course qualification at Bexleyheath, you then need to undergo a Criminal Record check. Only once you have passed your criminal record check can apply for the full Personal Licence.

Importantly, you can take your Personal Licence with you to whatever licensed-trade job you accept in the future. This makes it a useful addition to your professional credentials. 


How Our Team Can Help

By choosing to take your BIIAB Level 2 APLH Personal Licence course at Trafford Samuel Platt., you are placing yourself in the most capable hands.

Our pass rate is greater than 99%, and you can be sure the entire process will be completed swiftly and professionally.

What’s more, our licensing team can administrate your Criminal Record check and final Personal Licence application at a discounted rate of £75, plus expenses.

In order to complete your APLH Personal Licence course and application through us, simply book your training at Trafford Samuel Platt, and add ‘Personal Licence Application’ when you reach the checkout.