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Premises Licence Variations

Information about Premises Licence Variation

A Premises Licence covers the premises from which alcohol is sold, as well as any Licensable Activities that may be carried out at the venue. From time to time you may wish to apply to alter certain parts of your Premises Licence to suit changes in your business. These changes are called variations and fall into two categories, major variations and minor variations.

The category of the variation application is defined by its likely impact on the 4 licensing objectives.

the prevention of crime and disorder

public safety

the prevention of public nuisance

the protection of children from harm

Minor Variations

These are changes to the licence that do not affect the licensing objectives such as the addition of a late night refreshment or regulated entertainment to the licence , small changes to the structure or layout of the premises or the removal of conditions that as time has moved on have become out of date or irrelevant.

Major Variations

Theses are big changes that would impact on the licence such as an increase in the hours that alcohol is to be sold or major structural changes to the premises licensed areas.


Innpacked Licensing team can take care of both types of variation for you, making it easy to get licensed and ready to progress with your business!

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