Change of Designated Premises Supervisor – £150 + VAT (including fees)

Licences allowing alcohol to be sold include the name of a person in the role of “DPS.” That person is responsible for ensuring that the licensing objectives are not undermined when alcohol is sold. Such people (who hold personal licences) are likely to move on, from time to time, during the life of a business. For alcohol sale to continue, a replacement “DPS” must be substituted on to the licence

When you need to change a DPS?

You must change a DPS when your DPS:

  • no longer works at the premises
  • has had their personal licence suspended.

Innpacked’s licensing team can process the whole application for you all you will need to do is submit a signed consent form of the designated premises supervisor which we will provide you and a scan of your old licence (or explanation of why you can’t send it).

As part of our application service we will ensure that all the relevant authorities receive the required documentation for the new designated premises supervisor to be processed.

What happens next?

The police have 14 days to make an objection to the application.

If the police don’t object, the application will be granted. If the police do object, the application will be considered at a hearing by the Licensing Sub-Committee.

Once the application has been approved we will then send you the amended premises licence with the new named Designated Premises Supervisor.

Lost Premises Licence

In both of the variations above you will need a copy of the premises licence, now we understand that this may not always be possible and this could have been misplaced by the current licence holders.  We will have to report the document as lost and this service does cost a small fee of £5.

It couldn’t be easier to book a Change of DPS with Innpacked.

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