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Alcohol Licensing

The Innpacked Alcohol Licensing Department can take care of all your licensing applications from a personal licence application all the way through to a new premises licence application and everything in between.

It is important that whatever type of alcohol licence you are appling for, you ensure that it is submitted in the most efficient and cost effective manor.  For example if your premises licence application is is not submitted properly, it is not unheard off for the licensing authority to refuse the application and keep the application fee. This means that you would have to start the application process again from scratch (including repaying the council application fee and newspaper advertisement fee) or appeal the decision. All of which costs money.

Although there are many helpful licensing authorities out there, many are over worked and under resourced. This means that although they are supposed to advise you on your application many of them have niether the time nor the inclanation to assist you. In fact in our experience there are even some licensing officers who seem to think their job is to stop applicants gaining a premises licence.

At Innpacked we will deal with the licensing authority on your behalf and will ensure that your application is submitted  in a way that both speeds up the process and  increases the chance of a successful conclusion.

This is a your one stop shop for all of your licensing requirements and we pride ourselves on our friendly, efficient, and of course, cost effective service.

Premises Licence Application information and FAQs

A Premises Licence is required for any premises from which Licensable Activities are conducted.

Licensable Activities include: the retail sale of alcohol, regulated entertainment and late-night refreshment.

Contact Innpacked for a no-obligation quote on assisting with your Premises Licence application.

Premises Licence Enquiry

Licensing Variations

A Premises Licence covers the premises from which alcohol is sold, as well as any Licensable Activities that may be carried out at the venue.

From time to time you may wish to apply to alter certain parts of your Premises Licence to suit changes in your business. These changes are called variations and fall in to two categories.

Minor Variations and Major Variations

Personal Licence Application information and FAQs

A Personal Licence is the licence held by an individual who wishes to sell or authorise the sale of alcohol on a licensed premises. Though not all staff at your venue need to have a Personal Licence, they must be authorised by the DPS (Designated Premises Supervisor), an employee who does hold a Personal Licence.

An application for a Personal Licence must be accompanied by a Criminal Records Bureau Basic Declaration, and an APLH Level 2 qualification is also necessary before you can apply.

Innpacked can make the application on your behalf for both your Criminal Record Declaration and your Personal Licence.

If you purchase your APLH course and Personal Licence Application together with Innpacked, you will receive a £10 discount.

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