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How can we keep you on the right side of the licensing law?

If you lose your licence to sell alcohol, you lose your business!

At Innpacked, we pride ourselves in helping you make sure that doesn’t happen. With a mixture of licensing law help, advice and proactive measures we can keep tour licence and business safe.

Here’s how we do it:

  • A full survey and assessment of your premises with regards to all the licensing objectives.
  • Highlight all the potential or actual failing aspects in your current operation which may end up leading to Representations, Objections and/or Review Proceedings.
  • We provide comprehensive written policies on matters such as Drug Awareness, Drunkenness, CCTV etc.
  • We mediate throughout a process on your behalf with the Police or other relevant parties in order to resolve any underlying concerns; thus allowing you to avoid Hearing or Review proceedings.
  • Officially representing your business at all Hearings or Reviews.
  • Comprehensive training of all staff to an official and accredited standard.

The Premises Licence Protection Scheme

Innpacked now offer a new product that can ensure that you stay on the right side of the law and protect your business. Our new due diligence package can insure that you, your staff and your licence stay safe.

What’s included?

An initial Onsite Premises Licence Audit and Report, including:
• A review of premises licence terms and conditions
• A review of your current due diligence procedures
• A review of all your training procedures.

  • 6 Month Licence Audit review and report.
  • Licence Helpline. Any questions, any advice any help you need.
  • Administration of all of your training records.
  • 6 Places for Online Responsible Alcohol Retail (Avoiding Underage Sales) course.
  • Change of Designated Premises Supervisor (including disbursements).
  • 2 Temporary Events Notices (including disbursements).
  • Bespoke Staff induction handbook.
  • Unlimited discounted Award for Personal Licence Holders courses.
  • Unlimited discounted Personal Licence Applications

Each individual service is explained in more detail below but even at first glance this package is incredible value.

If you would like more information about the Premises Licence Protection Scheme call us FREE on 08000 786 056 or request a call back.

  All for an INCREDIBLE £69.95 a month

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