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Venue Feasibility Study

Unsure whether your heart is ruling your head with a new venture in the licensed trade? The Innpacked Business Purchasing Consultancy team can help!

An independent and impartial report on the potential of your business opportunity, undertaken by experienced experts in the trade, could prove to be the best investment you make, irrespective of the result!

Cash Flow Projection

Your commitment to a tenancy, lease or outright purchase of a premises needs to be a secure investment in the short, medium and long term. Again, in the strictest confidentiality, our experts can provide an objective forecast of your likely cash incomings and outgoings based on realistic projections for the business going forward.

Business Plan

When confirming your interest in any vacancy, you are likely to be asked to submit a business plan, detailing how you visualize the future success of the premises once you are in day-to-day control.

Potentially in conjunction with the Feasibility Study and Cash Flow Projection above, we can help you put together a convincing plan to guide the business forward, while at the same time providing a reality check on your expectations!


“We had absolutely fallen in love with a hotel in Somerset, and it was only Innpacked’s report on its trading potential that saved us from probable financial ruin”

“Innpacked’s report gave us a realistic view of how much money we could make from taking over the pub, and as a result we entered the most important financial decision of our lives with our eyes very much open, rather than closed, and have not looked back!”

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