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Premises Licence Variation

Where a Premises Licence holder wishes to amend the licence, the Licensing Act (2003) allows, in most cases, for an application to vary to be made rather than requiring an application for a new Premises Licence.
The areas in which a Premises Licence can be varied include:

varying the hours during which a licensable activity is permitted;
adding or removing licensable activities;
amending, adding or removing conditions within a licence; and
altering any aspect of the layout of the premises which is shown on the plan.

Variations are divided into two types:

Minor -  Small change(s) to the licence that will not affect the licensing objectives of preventing crime and disorder, public safety, preventing public nuisance and protecting children from harm. 

Generally speaking, a minor variation will fall into one of 4 categories:

  • Changes to the structure or layout of the premises (providing they are not substantial changes)
  • Small adjustments to the licensing hours (although never to extend the hours for the sale of alcohol
  • The removal of out of date, irrelevant or unenforceable conditions, or the addition of volunteered conditions
  • The addition of certain licensable activities.


Full Variation - Variations to add the sale by retail or supply of alcohol or to increase the amount of time during which it may be sold or supplied (in Clubs) to the licence are excluded from the minor variations process and must be treated as full variations in all cases.
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How do I change the designated premises supervisor on my premises licence?

If you wish to change the designated premises supervisor on the premises licence you must apply to vary a premises licence to specify an individual as designated premises supervisor(DPS). You must also submit the Consent of an individual being specified as premises supervisor to be completed by the proposed DPS.

The Police will have 14 days to object to the proposed appointment if it is felt it would undermine the Crime Prevention objective. If the Licensing Section receives an objection we must hold a hearing with the Licensing and Regulatory Sub Committee.

As with most of the applications etc on this site, you can do this yourself or you can get on with your business and leave it to us.
If you would like further information or assistance with your variation click here to contact the PLAS team.

Do I need a Personal Licence?

You need a Personal Licence under the Licensing Act 2003 if you want to sell alcohol. 

If you are to be the DPS named on the Premises Licence you must hold a valid Personal Licence. 

All sales of alcohol must be authorised by a personal licence holder so it would be useful to have more than one Personal Licence holder working at a particular site. 

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Personal Licence Costs

Personal Licence Application £80 plus disbursements (£25 CRB plus £37 Licence fee)
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BIIAB Award for Personal Licence Holders course to include pre-course study pack, course, lunch, exam and BII certificate.
Total Cost............£150

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