Premises Licence Application

You should apply for a premises licence if you intend to sell alcohol or provide ‘licensable activities’ from a particular venue.

Licensable activities include:
    selling alcohol
    serving hot food and drinks between 11pm and 5am
Here at Innpacked Licensing we can help with all aspects of Premises Licences.
If you would like to learn more about the licensing application process please click here to access our FAQ page and select Premises Licence or if you would like to discuss any licensing issue with our licensing legal team, please complete the enquiry form at the bottom of this page.

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Change of Designated Premises Supervisor

What is a Change of Designated Premises Supervisor?

Does the Designated Premises Supervisor have to be on the premises at all times when alcohol is being sold?

Can anyone object to a person who is specified as a Designated Premises Supervisor?

When does a Change of Designated Premises Supervisor have to take place?

Can Innpacked process my Change of Designated Premises Supervisor?


Transfer of Premises Licence

What is a Premises Licence Transfer?

Who can become a Premises Licence Holder?

Does a Licence Transfer alter any other part of the Premises Licence?

Can Innpacked process my Premises Licence Transfer?



Minor Variations

What is a Minor Variation?

What can I apply for as a Minor Variation?

What is excluded from being a Minor Variation?

Can Innpacked process my Minor Variation application?



Full Variations

What is a Full Variation?

What can I apply for under a Full Variation?

How long can this application take?

Can Innpacked process my Fulll Variation application?


  Reviews & Appeals

What is the purpose of a licence review?

How can Innpacked help me if my premises licence is reviewed?

What is an appeal?

Can Innpacked help me with an appeal?


Temporary event Notices

Closure Orders

Lap Dancing Clubs

Club Premises Certificate 

Abatement Notices

Breach of Conditions

Test Purchasing

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What our customers say about Innpacked Licensing

Edward Wilkes:

"I would just like to say a huge thank you to all at Innpacked for helping me obtain my personal & premises licence.

Starting a new business is extremely time consuming - thanks to Tim at Innpacked I could dedicate my time on other parts of the business while he took care of applying for my personal licence.

I found the training day extremely informative and our trainer Frank to be very professional & knowledgeable. Frank could relay the information in a structured, fun way of learning and has a good sense of humour. Frank has since successfully helped me in obtaining my premises licence.

I would highly recommend innpacked training to anybody looking to get their personal or premises licence".

What our customers say about Innpacked Licensing

Paul Marston:
“Frank was a very straight forward man to deal with. He said things as they were and was honest with us from the outset and was an absolute pleasure to deal with”.

What our customers say about Innpacked Licensing

Malcolm Hyde:
“Innpacked delivered the service which was offered. Smooth and flawless with no problems.

To be honest we haven’t had much to do with the licence / Council as Frank and Innpacked have dealt with everything and it is all in hand”

Home Office Licensing Act 2003 Guidance.