How do I qualify for a personal licence?

You must:

be aged 18 or over;
have an accredited licensing qualification: BIIAB APLH

have not forfeited a personal licence within the preceding five years

have no unspent conviction(s) for a `relevant´ or `foreign´ offence committed in this country or abroad (see Licensing Act 2003 for details)

have a Criminal Record Bureau (CRB), conviction certificate, or Police National Computer (PNC) check.

Personal Licence Costs

Personal Licence Application £85 plus disbursements (£25 CRB plus £37 Licence fee)
Total Cost............£145

BIIAB Award for Personal Licence Holders course to include pre-course study pack, course, lunch, exam and BII certificate.
Total Cost............£149

Book both together as package and recieve £10 discount.

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What Happens Next?

Once we have received your details we will compile a personal application pack and contact you to complete the process.  As part of your application, we will require
  • A copy of your EU Passport OR EU photo-driving licence
  • A copy of a bank statement or a utility bill no more than 3 months old, showing your name and current home address
  • Two passport-style colour photographs

Your personal application advisor will discuss with you the most convenient way for you to send these to us.

What our customers say about us

Andrew Heafield

I attended the course and was very impressed by the quality of the staff who initially booked me on the course and the instructor. They also organised my Personal Licence which went through with the minimum of fuss. I would recommend them to anyone.

Personal Licence Application

A personal licence allows an individual to authorise the sale or supply or alcohol under the Licensing Act 2003. All alcohol-serving premises with a premises licence need at least one personal licence holder; one of whom will be named on the premises licence as the Designated Premises Supervisor.

Applications for Personal Licences have to be made to the licensing authority in whose area the applicant ordinarily lives, not from the area in which they work. This licence lasts for ten years before it needs to be renewed.

The application must be accompanied by a Criminal Records Bureau Basic Declaration.

We can make the application
on your behalf for both your Criminal Record Declaration and your Personal Licence.

If you would like us to apply for your Personal Licence or would just like some more information, please complete the form below and your individual Licensing Advisor will be in touch immediately.

If you would like to purchase a Personal Licence Application, please click on button below.

If you have a question about a Personal Licence application or would rather we collected the information below from you over the phone, please call: 08000 786 056 or click here to contact the Licensing Team.

Personal Licence Application Enquiry form

1. Your personal details


Previous Title (if relevant)

If 'other' please state
Previous surname (if relevant)
Previous forenames (if relevant)

I am 18 years old or older

Residential Address

Do you have any unspent criminal convictions

Do you currently hold a licence

Please enter the text shown in the box below

How much does a Personal Licence Application cost?

Application Only £145 inclusive of all fees.

APLH Course Only £149

Book both together as package and recieve £10 discount.

Just enter code PLA10
when booking online. Click here to view courses and add the code at check out.

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Why do I need a Personal Licence?

A Personal Licence will improve your employment prospects within the licenced trade.

If you are designated as the premises supervisor on a premises licence for a premises where alcohol is to be sold.

If you want to sell alcohol under a premises licence or authorise others to sell alcohol under a premises licence.

If you want to use more than five temporary event notices (TENs) in a calendar year.

APLH Course Options

There are a choice of ways to obtain the BIIAB Award for Personal Licence Holders Qualification.

We realise that everyone's time constraints and learning styles are different so we can offer you various ways to sit the APLH (NCPLH).

Standard Scheduled One Day APLH (NCPLH)

Home Learning with the Innpacked Home-Study Learning Pack.

Blended Home Learning with Tutor Top-Up

Your own Private APLH (NCPLH) Course at Your venue


What our customers say about us

Paul Marston:

“Frank was a very straight forward man to deal with. He said things as they were and was honest with us from the outset and was an absolute pleasure to deal with”.
Franklin Siguencia

Thanks very much for a wonderful and incredible job, absolutely 100% satisfied. Just to let you know I have received my licence and everything is fine.

Thank you for your very professional work, I will without a doubt carry on using Innpacked's services in the future. Many Thanks and have a wonderful year for you and all of your team.