Alcohol Licensing

People wishing to sell alcohol by retail may need two separate licences under the Licensing Act 2003

A Premises Licence, which is exactly what it says on the tin,  this licence covers the premises from which alcohol is sold and a Personal licence which is the licence held by an individual who wishes to sell or authorise the sale of alcohol on a licensed premises.

Personal Licence

A Personal licence is the licence held by an individual who wishes to sell or authorise the sale of alcohol on a licensed premises. An application for a Personal Licence must be made to the local authority for the area where the proposed Licence holder lives. The application must be accompanied by a Criminal Records Bureau Basic Declaration.

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Premises Licence

A premises licence is required for any premises from which 'licensable activities' are conducted. A businesses can apply for a single premises licence to cover all the licensable activities they wish to carry on. Licensable activities include: the retail sale of alcohol, regulated entertainment and late-night refreshment.

An application for a premises licence may be made by any individual (aged at least 18) or business. Recognised clubs, charities, a proprietor of educational establishments, health service bodies and a chief officer of police may also apply for a premises licence.


Making an Application for a Premises Licence

An application for a premises licence must be made to the relevant licensing authority, that is, the authority within whose area the premises is situated. The application has to be made on the appropriate forms.

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To make an application you must submit:
  • a completed application form
  • a plan of the premises in the prescribed form
  • if the application requests the authorisation to supply alcohol,
  • a form containing the consent of the proposed designated premises supervisor in the prescribed form
  • the prescribed fee
  • the consent of Designated Premises Supervisor form (unless the application of for club registration)
  • a club declaration form if the application is for a club registration.
  • Copies of the application form, including any relevant accompanying documents, must be sent to the Responsible Authorities and Police on the same day as the application is given to the relevant licensing authority.

    Applications must also be advertised to allow interested parties to make representations.

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Do I need a Personal Licence?

Under the Licensing Act 2003, if you wish to sell alcohol, you will require a Personal Licence.

If you are to be the DPS named on the Premises Licence, you must hold a valid Personal Licence. 

All sales of alcohol must be authorised by a personal licence holder so it is advised that you have more than one Personal Licence holder working at a particular site. 

However, it is not a legal requirement for a Personal Licence holder always to be present when alcohol is sold so long as one is named as the DPS on the Premises Licence