Purchasing a New Business

Our team is able to assist in the following:

Venue feasibility study: Unsure whether your heart is ruling your head with a new venture in the licensed trade? An independent and impartial report on the potential of the business opportunity by experienced experts in the trade could prove to be the best investment you make, irrespective of the result!

“We had absolutely fallen in love with a hotel in Somerset, and it was only Innpacked’s report on its trading potential that saved us from probable financial ruin”

“Innpacked’s report gave us a realistic view of how much money we could make from taking over the pub, and as a result we entered the most important financial decision of our lives with our eyes very much open, rather than closed, and have not looked back!”

Cash flow projection: Your commitment to a tenancy, lease or outright purchase of a premises needs to be a secure investment in the short, medium and long term. Again, in the strictest confidentiality, our experts can provide an objective forecast of your likely cash incomings and outgoings based on realistic projections for the business going forward.

Business plan: When confirming your interest in any vacancy, you are likely to be asked to submit a business plan, detailing how you visualize the future success of the premises once you are in day to day control. Potentially in conjunction with the feasibility study and cash flow projection above, we can help you put together a convincing plan to guide the business forward, while at the same time providing a reality check on your expectations!        Contact Innpacked for more info  

Customer Service Training

Our team is able to assist in the following:

Customer service training: Do you wish the standards of service to your customers gave you a real winning edge over your competitors? Are those standards of service as consistent throughout your team as you would like them to be? Are all your staff enthusiastic and passionate about everything they do, especially when face to face with your customers?

Having developed customer service programmes for a variety of retail businesses from shops to high street bars, and from hotels to night clubs, incorporating various tried and trusted customer care theories, we can create a programme of customer care bespoke for your business, which is really effective for the culture of our country and its people.        Contact Innpacked for more info   

Innpacked NHS

Innpacked Surgery: It is always comforting to know that the local doctor’s surgery is just down the road, when we don’t feel well. Similarly, if things are not going quite to plan in your business, it is useful to get a health check on the business, as likely illnesses, things do not often put themselves right on their own!
A quick call to your NHS (National Help Service) will lead to a sensitive and discreet investigation into your problem, the likely prognosis, and a proposed cure.

Fees for our consultancy work, are charged on a daily basis, and include detailed written reports, as a result of research and investigative work carried out on your behalf.        Contact Innpacked for more info  

Wine Retailing

Our team is able to assist in the following:

Wine Retailing: Do you generate enough income/profit from your wine list? Most probably you’ll find the majority of your sales are from your selection of house wines, or worse, customers simply continue with drinks they have previously purchased at the bar.

With a little bit of knowledge, some key selling skills, and most importantly, enthusiasm and confidence, your restaurant team can transform your fortunes with recommendations, guidance on matching wines to food items on the menu, and first class, friendly service.        Contact Innpacked for more info 

Innpacked Legal

What can do for you?

At Innpacked we pride ourselves in providing a comprehensive and cost effective service for all of your licensing requirements including:

•The preparation and submission of all Premise and Personal Licence applications.
•The survey and assessment service for premises in respect of the licensing objectives.
•Highlight potential or actual failings in your operation which may lead to Representations / Objections and / or review proceedings.
•Provide written policies on matters such as Drug Awareness, Drunkenness, CCTV etc.
•Mediate on your behalf with the Police and other relevant parties to resolve any concerns thus avoiding Hearing or Review proceedings.
•Represent your business at any Hearing or Review.
•Training of staff to an accredited Standard.

We guarantee that our prices will be at least 25% cheaper than any comparable solicitors quote and our service will be personal to you. You will have your own personal licensing consultant to handle your case from start to finish.        Contact Innpacked for more info

HR and Employment Law

Do you have an employment query and you're not sure how to handle it? Worried about the legal implications of employing someone? Not sure how to handle Disciplinaries and Dismissals?  Or just want to bounce an idea off someone.

Innpacked Hospitality HR can help.

Call us on Free Phone 08000 786 056 or click here to contact us for free guidance and advice

Why guess at how to deal with employment issues when you can speak to an expert?

Why speak to someone who knows little about employment in the hospitality industry when you can speak to industry experts?

Call Free Phone 08000 786 056 now and let people who have experience in the hospitality sector help.

Innpacked HR can help with:



Recruitment       Contracts of Employment      Sickness and Absence Control       Redundancy

All Aspects of Employment Law
       Disciplinary and Grievances       Retention       Talent Management

Change Management
       Productivity Problem Solving       Appraisal Procedures       Payroll

HR policies & Procedures
       Health & Safety


Induction Training       One to One Coaching and Development       Customer Service

Time Management
       Soft Skills      Sales Developing Others      Dealing with Negative Situations

Interview Skills

All areas of recruitment from generating a job profile through to conducting interviews.  We can run a specific recruitment project or advice on your current policies and procedures

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Contracts of employment
With employment law continually changing, it is important to make sure your contracts of employment include all required elements.  We can advise on the best way to safeguard the company and give you the professional competitive edge you are looking for

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Sickness and absence control   
We can write the procedures, or help you to manage the absence levels in your business through mediation. We can also advise on the best ways to motivate your staff to make them want to add value to your business

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In the current climate, this is a reality for most companies. Let us advise you on the best way to approach redundancy, whether it be one employee or several.  Our focus will be on minimising impact to the business and to try to help your employees to make the most of the current situation by actively helping source other positions

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All aspects of Employment Law
We can advise on all areas of employment law and make sure all line managers are kept up to date on the latest changes

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Disciplinary and Grievances
Do you have clear disciplinary and grievance procedures in place?  Do your line managers know how to conduct a structured and fair hearing?  From generating a process to completing the meetings for you, we can give you guidance and support on disciplinary and grievance procedures

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Happy staff are product staff, and they are far less likely to leave!!  Let us advise you on how to ensure you have happy staff who want to stay with you

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Talent Management
If you are a growing company who value their staff, let us  help you spot your future managers.  Talent spotting is about helping you to recognise the best way to bring on those colleagues who will help shape the company in the future

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Change Management
Does your company have change coming up?  Perhaps some redundancies or a restructure?  Let us guide you through the best way to approach changes in your business to ensure a smooth transition with little disruption to productivity

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Productivity Problem Solving
They say happy staff are productive staff!!  We can make sure your business is working as efficiently as possible.  From process review to staff motivation, we can get the ball rolling again

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Appraisal Procedures
Does your business currently complete one to ones but don’t feel they get anything out of them.  We can show you how to deliver effective one to ones which then help both the employee and business to grow

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We can give advice and guidance on how to generate payroll for your business

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HR Policies & Procedures
Clear policies and procedures ensure all staff are aware of how the business will assess things.  These in turn will often help divert situations as employees have clear parameters to work within

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Health & Safety
Clear guidance can be given to help answer your health and safety concerns

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Induction Training
Do your new starters get all the information they need to welcome them into the company and help them do their jobs on a day to day basis?  We can write and deliver induction training bespoke to your company which welcomes new employees and helps to set them on the right path for their future career

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One to One Coaching and Development

If you have individuals who would benefit from one to one support, We can help tailor an individual program for any individual in the business.  This can be applied to any individual, at any level across the business

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Customer Service
Make the most of every contact and ensure the experience is of benefit to the business and your customers
Time Management ~ Learn different skills which will help you effectively use your time and help you prioritise tasks

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Soft Skills
To include building rapport, listening skills and matching customer needs

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How and when to ask for the business

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Developing Others
To help line managers get the most out of their teams

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Dealing with Negative Situations
Help your line managers to confidently deal with negative situations

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Interview Skills
Teach line managers on how to interview. You can then couple these skills with the knowledge they have of your business to ensure you recruit the right staff

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Latest News

Posted By: bluelevel on 11/05/2009 12:27
Spend your time filling in licensing forms and dealing with your CRB or spend your time making money and let us apply for your licence for you.

New Services

Posted By: innpacked on 18/02/2011 12:00
Selling age restricted products to the wrong person will put your business at risk. This could not only be a costly exercise it could also be fatal for your business. If you fail a test purchase by the Police or Local Authority you could lose your licence to sell alcohol. The best way to defend yourself, your staff and your business is to ensure that all staff are trained in their responsibilities concerning the service of alcohol. Innpacked now provide a Test Purchase Service.