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Welcome to the Innpacked Training frequently asked questions section, this is a section designed to answer questions which we are asked on a regular basis. If however you can not find an answer to your question within this section. Please contact us and we will do our best to help.

APLH (NCPLH) Questions

How long does the course take?

What does the exam entail?

What type of questions are in the APLH (NCPLH) and SCPLH exams?

What is the success rate?

Do I need any experience to attend a APLH (NCPLH) or SCPLH course?

How old do you need to be to take your Personal Licence Holders exam?

Where can I sit my APLH/SCPLH exam?

How much does the APLH course cost?

Are there any hidden costs?

How soon will I receive any pre-course study material after I have booked my place on the course?

Do I need to bring identification with me to the exam?

Can you come to my premises to deliver the course?

What happens if I fail?


Personal Licence Application Questions

What is a Personal Licence?

When I receive my APLH certificate does that mean I am a personal licence holder?

What do I need to apply for a personal licence?

Can Innpacked process my personal licence application?

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Licensing Offers

Posted By: bluelevel on 11/05/2009 12:27
Spend your time filling in licensing forms and dealing with your CRB or spend your time making money and let us apply for your licence for you.

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