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Employment Opportunities with Innpacked

Innpacked are looking for trainers in the following areas:

Hampshire, Lincolnshire, Kent, Wiltshire, Glamorgan and the North East.

For further information please complete the form below or contact Innpacked on 08000 786 056

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Training Partnerships for New Starts

Have you ever thought of using your experience and contacts within the licensing trade to become a trainer but don't really know how or where to start?
Don't want to go through all of the paper work and hassle that setting up a training centre involves?

Don't know if you have the correct qualifications to become a trainer?

Don't know how to market your courses?

We can help!

Innpacked now operate a training partnership scheme. If you have the experience and enthusiasm we can help you get set up as a training partner within the Innpacked brand. For further information please click here.

Training Partnerships for Existing Companies

If you currently run a training company and would be interested in working with Innpacked to either broker our courses for us or use the Innpacked brand to jointly market your courses we would like to speak to you.
We currently work with many companies from both the licensing trade and other sectors which are relevant to the trade.

For further information please click here

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Latest News

Posted By: Celtic Nil on 22/01/2013 12:00
APLH, PL Application, Transfer of licence and change of DPS for only £500

Training Partnerships

Posted By: innpacked on 18/02/2011 12:00
Training Partnerships for Existing Companies Do you currently operate a training company? Would you like access to a wider market of clients? Would you like to be able to make money by placing candidates on courses in areas where you don't deliver? We can help Innpacked now operate a training partnership scheme. You company will obviously have to meet our high quality assurance standards but if you deliver quality training and would like to work in partnership with a well known company then this may be for